Tuesday, March 22, 2011

10 Best Sci-fi Shows Canceled After One Season

10 Best Sci-fi Shows Canceled After One Season


Anonymous said...

How do they compare THE CAPE (which was pretty bad) or THE FLASH to classics like KOLCHAK or FIREFLY?



Todd Mason said...

How do you, Jeff, figure KOLCHAK the series (as opposed to the two fine tv movies that spawned it) is classic?

But I'll agree to a Big No to at least half that list. (I thought THE FLASH marginally better than KOLCHAK...that's how disappointed I was by that series.)

Monkey Migraine said...

Well, "The Cape" wasn't meant to be included in the list, just the jumping off point for the post. After it was canceled, I started thinking about the scifi shows I enjoyed over the years that were canceled.too soon. But yeah, I don't think "The Cape" will ever be compared to "The Prisoner" in 20 years.