Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lawsuit of the Day

Parents blame Polar Bear Plunge for daughter's 2009 death, sue 19 people involved | "The parents of a Pennsylvania woman who died shortly after attending a 'Polar Bear Plunge' charity event in southern New Jersey two years ago have sued the city where it was held and the group that organized it.

Also among the 19 defendants in the federal lawsuit brought this week by Tracy Hottenstein's parents are the owners of two bars she was at on the night she died and the couple who invited her to dinner at their home that evening. Also named is the hospital where she died and the doctor who pronounced her dead, as well as the Sea Isle City Police Department and individual officers who — the suit claims — did not allow rescue workers to perform lifesaving treatment for hypothermia after they discovered Hottenstein had no pulse."


Marsdon said...

Somebody gets drunk and goes out and drowns, so of course it is everyone else's fault but hers.


Brent McKee said...

More to the point a 35 year-old somebody goes out and gets drunk and drowns. They might have a case if she had been underage but at 35 people tend to be capable of making their own decisions, including deciding to get 'acutely intoxicated."