Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gator Update (Texas Led the Way Edition)

Another orange gator spotted, this time in Texas | "Retiree Jack Bodenheimer, 79, snapped a photo of an orange gator last year, this one at the mouth of a rusted-out culvert, explaining where the bright hue came from."

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Jodi MacArthur said...

Mr. C,
Last year I drove three hours to "Three Rivers" where I heard there was supposed to be this 'terrific' lake. Being from the PNW, I was thinking swimming lake. If you remember right, last year was so hot I think the devil himself took a vacation to Arizona. Anyway, when I got to said 'terrific' lake. I found a great big white washed sign with four words in the middle of it.

"Alligators exist in lake'

The lake was really murky. You couldn't see through it for anything. So sadly, I after getting my ankles wet and a really bad sunburn. I drove three hours home. What the hell are alligators doing in the middle of Texas, huh? And don't call me a city slicker. ;-)

Cool news story.