Friday, December 24, 2010

Okay, Now This is Odd

Usually my blog gets about 1000 page views a day. Not bad, though nothing like what the popular kids get on their blogs. But the other day I linked to a post on the worst baby names. And the stats went through the roof. I got three times as many hits on that one post as I usually get on all my posts for the day. I always thought that phrases like "Lindsay Lohan's boobies" were the ones that got hits. Now I know better. The people want posts on baby names. Go figure.


Jerry House said...

Lindsay Lohan's Boobies would make a great name for a rock band.

Deb said...

Lindsay Lohan's Rehab Crash & Burn would be even better!

Anonymous said...

That doesn't surprise me, Bill. I've heard that from others as well, and I must admit that Bad Baby Names site always makes me chuckle.

I'm with Jerry: Lidsay Lohan's Boobies WBAGNFARB.

Deb, I think that would have to be at least a miniseries.