Friday, December 24, 2010

Beautiful, Collectible Space Books

Beautiful, Collectible Space Books on AbeBooks: "Since humans first looked to the skies, long before Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong, people have been fascinated by the beauty, mystery and dizzying vastness of what lies beyond the planet Earth. From the sun and the moon to stars, comets and planets, from rocketships and satellites to astronomy and astrology, our devotion to discovering and understanding the skies has showed itself in our industry, our technology and our design. Moons, suns, stars and more have long been popular themes throughout both the content and the decor of beautiful books, many of which are now scarce and collectible - but often highly affordable.

Enjoy this selection of some of the beautiful books with celestial-themed cover design available."


Bud said...

Wow! A copy of the '37 The Starmaker with cover! Love to see that "in the flesh" sometime.

mybillcrider said...

I'm sure they'd be more than happy to sell you that copy.