Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Louisiana Leads the Way - Long-Shot Louisiana Senate Candidate Challenges Vitter to Cage Fight: "A dark horse Senate candidate is trying to bring back the art of the duel, challenging Louisiana Sen. David Vitter to a mixed-martial arts cage fight next month in the run-up to the election.

Third-party candidate Mike Spears, a Louisiana businessman, is an ultra-long shot in the race dominated by Vitter, a Republican, and Democratic challenger Rep. Charlie Melancon. If Spears can't beat Vitter at the polls, he's at least hoping to beat him in the ring -- or cage, as it were.

Old-fashioned duels were usually called to resolve quarrels and restore the honor of an offended party, but Spears said he's calling this match to restore the honor of Louisiana."


Anonymous said...

Up next: Mitch McConnell vs. Barbara Boxer.


Charles Gramlich said...

Yes, that is my home state. Wow, we sink to new lows. Though I wouldn't mind seeing vitter get his ass handed to him now that I think about it.