Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Brief History of a Fine Magazine

What, Me Worry?


Todd Mason said...

Oddly enough, CRACKED, MAD's most durable imitator and never as good as an oversized comic comic book, had a rather interesting slice through history as well...starting out as one of Robert Sproul's many knockoff magazines, also including the Donald Wollheim-edited SATURN SCIENCE FICTION and FANTASY magazine that morphed into WEB DETECTIVE, the cheap MANHUNT knockoff, on its way to becoming WEB TERROR, the early/mid '60s revival of shudder pulps in digest format. Eventually Sproul sold it around the turn of the '80s, apparently, and directly or eventually it became the stablemate of supermarket tabloid THE GLOBE, and they were bought out by the NATIONAL INQUIRER folks, who tossed CRACKED to their WEEKLY WORLD NEWS folks...it had already picked up a few staff over the years from MAD and NATLAMP for various reasons, as well as sharing freelancers...Frank Kelly Freas did the last of the "original" CRACKED's covers, apparently, says WIKIPEDIA...and now the slightly more adult Cracked.com is sort of its heir.

Unknown said...

Wow. I didn't know any of that. Thanks, Todd.