Saturday, September 18, 2010

I Can Hardly Wait

Soon, float unassisted through the sky in 'see-through' passenger planes! - The Economic Times: "Aircraft manufacturer Airbus has come up with the idea of building see-through passenger planes in the future, one that will have a completely transparent fuselage.

The concept works by the captain pushing a button, which in turn sends an electrical pulse through a high-tech ceramic skin, which then makes the main body of the plane see-through."

Hat tip to Art Scott.


Cap'n Bob said...

They could join with Renwal, makers of The Visible Horse and The Visible Woman, among others.

Anonymous said...

As I noted in comment to Bill, doesn't it occur to these wizards that acrophobes (like me) might be just a teensy bit freaked out when the pilot presses the TRANSPARENT button?
Art Scott

Jerry House said...

I'm reminded of the Shel Silverstein cartoon of Mary Poppins flying through the air while one kid on the ground tells another, "You can see right up her dress!"

WV - crood

Richard R. said...

Hasn't Wonder Woman been doing this for decades? Yes, she has.

Unknown said...

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