Friday, September 10, 2010

12 Fun Facts about Lost in Space

12 Fun Facts about Lost in Space: "The television show Lost in Space, airing from 1965-1968, presented the adventures of a family in space in the year 1997. In a set of campy stories, the Robinsons clashed with buffoonish pirates, anthropomorphic vegetables, and prospectors from the Old West. The show didn’t take itself too seriously, but was took a lighthearted look at the science fiction genre. Let’s take a tour of some facts that you might not know about the show."


Anonymous said...

Carroll O'Connor as Dr. Smith?

The mind boggles.

"Danger, Will Robinson!"


Fred Blosser said...

Kind of stretching it to say that Kurt's 1966 role was one of his "first" screen appearances. By quick count, IMDB shows 15 that preceded LIS, going back to 1957. Including the lead role in the JAMIE MCPHEETERS series, the "jungle boy" in a GILLIGAN'S ISLAND episode, a one-shot as Barry Morse's son on THE FUGITIVE, and the kid who kicks Elvis on the shin in IT HAPPENED AT THE WORLD'S FAIR.

Another one-shot on LIS who later made it bigger was Dan (Hill St. Blues) Travanti. LIS was so childish that I never watched it past the first couple of episodes.

Todd Mason said...

I think they have the relation between SPACE FAMILY ROBINSON and the tv series scrambled, but don't have the time (or the compelling need) to go Find Out.