Friday, June 11, 2010

A Note from Fred Zackel

What's the use of having a blog if you can't promote another writer now and then. If you haven't read Cocaine and Blue Eyes, you've missed a treat. I'm sure the others are equally good, and now you can get 'em on Kindle. Here's Fred:

Some of my books are now available on the Kindle & the Ipad.

Some of these have never been available.

Both my 1978 novel Cocaine and Blue Eyes & my 1980 novel Cinderella After Midnight are now available as Kindle Editions, for instance.

(The webzine "Beat to a Pulp" aka BTAP did a lovely excerpt "Big and bright and colorful, like the California Dream" from CINDERELLA AFTER MIDNIGHT this past February.

if you're curious.

And three other books of mine are available for the first time ever ...

"Tough Town Cold City" (a novel)

An old friend is brutally murdered and San Francisco private eye Frank Pasnow is told the funeral home needs a down payment. He goes after the security deposit from the cute and cunning landlady.

"Murder in Waikiki" (a novel)

It's 1985. Murder arrives in sun-drenched Waikiki Beach with a van filled with tourists from the Mainland. (Agatha Christie meets Joseph Conrad.)

Most recently, "Crow on the Cradle" went up.

Murder, intrigue, revenge, betrayal, suspense, thriller, conspiracies, sex, swords, mythology, noir, classic, regicide, inheritance, birthright, throne ... and pagan.

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