Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Chevy by any Other Name . . .

G.M. Proposes Leaving a Car’s Popular Nickname in the Dust - "Bye-bye, indeed, Miss American Pie. If General Motors has its way, you won’t be driving your Chevy to the levee ever again.

A 2006 advertising campaign used both Chevy and Chevrolet.
On Tuesday, G.M. sent a memo to Chevrolet employees at its Detroit headquarters, promoting the importance of “consistency” for the brand, which was the nation’s best-selling line of cars and trucks for more than half a century after World War II.

And one way to present a consistent brand message, the memo suggested, is to stop saying “Chevy,” though the word is one of the world’s best-known, longest-lived product nicknames."

Hat tip to Jeff Meyerson.


Anonymous said...

Um... No.

Richard R. said...


The local Chevy dealership here closed a few months ago, and now sits vacant. I used to walk past it and scare myself by looking at the sticker on the new 'Vettes. Oops, I mean "the new Chevrolet Corvette Sports Cars".

Jerry House said...

Sorry, but no way am I driving my Chevrolet to the levrolet.

At least we have muscle cars from Pontiac to fall back on. Oh...wait.

Cap'n Bob said...

Almost as ridiculous as Ricky Nelson becoming Rick. No, more ridiculous.
I've been thinking about cars lately. I've had two Plymouths and now they are defunct. I had a Datsun and they're defunct. I have an Olds and they're defunct. I had two Mercurys and they're about to go defunct.