Friday, May 28, 2010

Top 10 TV Shows That OverstayedTop 10 TV Shows That Overstayed Their Welcome

Top 10 TV Shows That Overstayed Their Welcome | Ranker - A World of Lists

Hat tip to Toby O'Brien.


Randy Johnson said...

Never watched One Tree Hill and only a few episodes of That Seventies Show. Pretty much agree on all the others.

Of course you can add Hawaii Five-O, all the Law and Orders, not to mention the CSIs.

Anonymous said...

Mad About You
Friends (well, for me, year 1 was too long but...)
Happy Days

Anonymous said...

oops, that was me


Todd Mason said...

SCRUBS had too many weak episodes in the sixth and seventh seasons, but the last season on ABC, and the new cast season after that were actually rather good.

HAWAII FIVE-0 suffered most when Leonard Freeman died. Still a few good episodes after, even in the season after Jack Lord's Shatneresque diva-dom had driven all the others off the show.

Aagree with the lister about most of the choices, and with Randy and Jeff about their supplements...but, like Jeff, I'd say many of these choices were DOA...Dire On first Airdate. Real pity about ROSEANNE and MAD ABOUT YOU (and GRACE UNDER FIRE and THE DREW CAREY SHOW and CYBILL and ER and SEINFELD...)