Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Robert Tralins, R. I. P.

Robert Tralins wrote banned and bordello books, as well as stories that inspired 'Beyond Belief' - St. Petersburg Times: "Mr. Tralins enjoyed the controversy created by his book, Pleasure Is My Business. The author of at least 251 titles had accomplished daring feats through his James Bond-like hero, Jack Lund, defeating terrorists, drug lords and leaders of occult groups.

He had sowed vicarious wild oats with 1960s titles like Win With Sin, Operation Boudoir and Invasion of the Nymphomaniacs under the pen name Sean O'Shea and with racy illustrations on the covers.

He was guided by an unswerving independence, raising a family through only his writing income and living aboard a sailboat for many years. He hobnobbed with science-fiction writers Piers Anthony and L. Ron Hubbard. His nonfiction about the paranormal led to a Fox television series, Beyond Belief."


Anonymous said...

Hey, you can't beat Invasion of the Nymphomaniacs as a title.


George said...

I have a few of Robert Tralins' books. I love the covers.

Todd Mason said...

I was going to say, though, that the offered example of a cover is remarkably clumsy.

Unknown said...

That was the style of all the Sean O'Shea covers, I believe.