Wednesday, May 19, 2010

End of an Era

Smothers Brothers Retire From the Comedy Grind | "For decades now they've looked like a couple of squares, with their cardigan sweaters and those tidy haircuts, but it's their sneakily subversive brand of comedy that made the two jokesters from New York City household names. Now, The Smothers Brothers are puting away their touring shoes for good after more than 50-odd years on the road.
[. . . .]
Dick, 70, told the Las Vegas Sun he and his older brother have canceled all future gigs. 'I was wondering if it would be emotional,' he said, 'But that to me was just another day in the office.'"

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Todd Mason said...

Wow. A little younger than my parents is Dick, so Tom might be slightly older. I think they've earned it...and I rather suspect they can afford it, barring the flood...