Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Women + Country -- Jakob Dylan

One of my favorite recent CDs is Harper Simon, by Paul Simon's son. I've been listening to it quite a bit. And lately I've been listening to Women + Country by Jakob Dylan, the son of another '60s great, Bob Dylan. I'm not sure how to classify this one. Americana? I guess that's close enough.

T-Bone Burnett produced the CD, and the backing vocals are by Neco Case and Kelly Hogan, so you have spare, clear sound and some nice harmonies to go along with Dylan's own voice and lyrics. Case and Hogan are way down in the mix, though. I wouldn't have minded hearing them a bit louder. All the songs sound great, and the session players do excellent work. My favorite songs are "Holy Rollers for Love" and "Truth for a Truth," but they're all good. I like melody and harmony, which explains why Dylan and Simon appeal to me. If you have similar likes, give this one a try.


Gerard said...

Neko Case does good work.

George said...

Love Neko Case on this CD! You're right: Jakob Dylan's songs are unclassifiable. But they're good.