Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The 50 best Author vs. Author Put-Downs of All Time

The 50 best author vs. author put-downs of all time: "Yes, hell hath no fury like one author gleefully savaging another author's work."

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Todd Mason said...

Too often on-target, as far as they go, if also not the full story, and of course at least as reflective of the originator as the subject...and never more true of the originator as much as the subject as "43. Tom Wolfe, according to John Irving (1999)":

He doesn't know how to write fiction, he can't create a character, he can't create a situation...You see people reading him on airplanes, the same people who are reading John Grisham, for Christ's sake....I'm using the argument against him that he can't write, that his sentences are bad, that it makes you wince. It's like reading a bad newspaper or a bad piece in a magazine....You know, if you were a good skater, could you watch someone just fall down all the time? Could you do that? I can't do that.

--from a man who might well've been a better wrestler than he's ever demostrated being a novelist.