Monday, April 19, 2010

The Toyman Rides Again -- Robert S. Napier

I've known Robert S. Napier (aka Cap'n Bob) for many years, but that has nothing to do with the fact that I found The Toyman Rides Again to be a highly entertaining novel.

The book is set in 1983, and Viet Nam vet Jack Lorentz is asked to join a group of 7th Cavalry reenactors. His job is to protect the man playing General Custer, whose life has been threatened. No one knows for sure if it's the Custer character who's been targeted or if it's the guy playing the part. Indian activists are involved, including the beautiful Abigail She Stands in Light, whom Jack finds quite attractive.

The battle of Little Big Horn gets reenacted, all right, but not in the expected way, and General Custer bites the dust. Jack, who didn't protect the General so well, feels obligated to find the killer, although it seems obvious that one of the activists did the deed. Too obvious, naturally, and Jack discovers that there are plenty of others who had reason to want Custer out of the way.

Napier does a masterful job of capturing the spirit of the reenactors and the atmosphere surrounding their encampment. He's studied Custer for years, and his knowledge of Custer and all the others involved in the original battle adds a lot to the story. If you're looking for humor, a good mystery, and lots of snappy patter, grab this book. Great stuff.

Now for a little disclaimer or two. I'm sure that a minor character named "Allen Krider" has nothing to do with anyone we know. Nor does a mention of Alvin, Texas. The big question is, should we forgive the Cap'n a minor baseball error? I say, why not?


Anonymous said...

Sounds good. And nice cover.


Cap'n Bob Napier said...

Thanks, stranger. Much appreciated. A baseball error? What? Me?



Cap'n Bob Napier said...

Yep, I goofed. I transposed the teams. I can only hope the little old ladies who comprise the bulk of readers aren't baseball fans.

George said...

Let's hope this becomes a long-running series.