Thursday, December 31, 2009

Nightmare Alley: The Musical

Nightmare Alley: "Music, Book and Lyrics by Jonathan Brielle
Directed by Gilbert Cates

April 13 – May 23, 2010

Step into Nightmare Alley and enter the titillating world of carnies, cons and clairvoyants. With a score as wild as a funhouse and as evocative as a beautiful tightrope walker, this world premiere musical tells the tale of a young carnie couple who tempt the fickle hand of fate. Based on the darkly evocative 1946 William Lindsay Gresham novel of the same name, Nightmare Alley is a night at the theater full of special effects, wondrous feats and enough spirit to make believers of us all. But remember, here, things are never as they seem."

This musical was originally produced in 1966 and didn't last long. Probably a real toe-tapping good time, though.

Hat tip to Boing Boing.


Vince said...

I'm sorry, I just don't see it.

Unknown said...

As someone on Boing Boing says, I can't wait until the geek sings.

Jerry House said...

Hard to sing with a severed chicken head down your throat