Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More Trouble in Florida

iWon News - Police: Young Fla. couple plotted to kill mother: "An 11-year-old Florida girl and her 15-year-old boyfriend are accused of plotting to kill the girl's mother by setting her bedroom on fire while the woman slept Tuesday, police said.
[. . . .]
Clearwater Police Department detectives say the young couple poured gasoline on Nancy Broadhead's bedroom floor and bed, and then set the room aflame. Police say the pair escaped in the mother's 2007 Ford Focus."

Hat tip to Jeff Meyerson.


Deb said...

What the hell is a fifteen-year old boy doing "dating" an eleven-year old girl? I think we can see an entire domestic situation in the fact that boy is described as the "boyfriend." Ye Gods!

Richard Robinson said...

The motive was "just typical teenage angst"? This is "typical"???? No, I'm sorry, this isn't typical, it's insane.

Bill Crider said...

Florida is a strange place.

Deb said...

Sorry for getting a bit het up about the story, but I have eleven year old twin daughters and if any fifteen year old boys started hanging around them, those boy would have to remove my husband's boots from their rear-ends so I could replace them with mine!

And Richard, I agree totally--this is not "typical" behavior. At least, not in my house!