Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"I'm Sorry, Dave, but You Have to Take the Road I Tell You to Take"

My Way News - Couple stranded 3 days after GPS leads them astray: "A Nevada couple letting their SUV's navigation system guide them through the high desert of Eastern Oregon got stuck in snow for three days when the GPS unit sent them down a remote forest road.

On Sunday, atmospheric conditions apparently changed enough for their GPS-enabled cell phone to get a weak signal and relay coordinates to a dispatcher, Klamath County Sheriff Tim Evinger said.
[. . . .]
John Rhoads, 65, and his wife, Starry Bush-Rhoads, 67, made it home safely to Reno, Nev."

Hat tip to Jeff Segal.


Mr. Philoctetes Digressius (aka L. E. McKenna) said...

Um, "Starry Bush-Rhoades"?

Tell me that doesn't sound like something out of a Neal Barrett, Jr. book.

Or a the name of a retired adult performer.

Now, imagine that name hyphenated "Starry-Bush Rhodes". Ah, . . .

Oh, and, Bill, about you in that skirt . . .

Well, wife's calling. Gotta go.

Bill Crider said...

The name is why I used the article. It's great. I'm not sure even Neal could've invented it.

Gerard said...

They live in Reno maybe she was a dancer. Or a whore.