Thursday, October 01, 2009

Harry Whittington Update

When the 38 Harry Whittington porn titles were revealed by David Laurence Wilson in the Stark House Whittington triple-decker, we learned that Whittington used the house names Curt Colman, John Dexter, and J. X. Williams. I've now seen two different eBay dealers offering books with the Dexter and Williams by-lines as Whittington's work, even though the titles they're offering aren't among the 38 listed. Before long, we'll probably see people crediting Whittington with everything under those by-lines. All I can say is that if you're looking for the Whittington titles, better check the list in the Stark House edition before you buy.

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Ted said...

There are those rumors that Whittington ghosted the Book of Genesis and that the King Harry Bible will be on eBay next week.

Your money is better spent on the Stark House volume. Hours of entertainment and David Laurence Wilson's intro is a marvelous literary detective story.