Saturday, October 03, 2009

Alligator Man

ALLIGATOR MAN Thousands of nuisance gators have met their match in La. hunter - State - "For eight years, he’s dragged their scaly hides from ditches, storm drains, airport runways, the living rooms of terrified housewives and anywhere else a brash alligator might decide to make a pest of itself.

He lost count long ago, but nuisance-alligator hunter Easton DeHart estimates he’s tangled with thousands of the reptiles since he made “fooling with gators” his full-time job.

Judging by the hundreds of severed, shellacked heads grinning from shelves in his trophy room, their glass eyes gleaming and toothy mouths gaping, it’s safe to assume he isn’t exaggerating."


Deb said...

A few years ago, we had an infestation of squirrels in our attic. Because in Louisiana squirrels are considered wildlife and not pests, no pest control company could come out and get rid of them (if there had been rats in our attic, that would have been a different story). Anyway, I had to call in a guy who billed himself as "The Cajun Trapper." He was quite a character--said he could trap anything that swims, walks, crawls, slithers, or flies--and he got the squirrels out of our attic (humanely) for us too! Louisiana seems to excel at producing these sort of men. They remind me of the old Jerry Reed song "Amos Moses." Am I dating myself here?

Bill Crider said...

"Amos Moses" is a new song to me. I remember "Alligator Man" by Rusty and Doug.