Friday, October 16, 2009

Ed Valigursky, R. I. P.

I've seen the news of Valigursky's death on a couple of lists. It seems he passed away last month, but little notice was taken in the news media. Too bad. He did some memorable covers and no doubt attracted a lot of readers to paperbacks and digests. Certainly he was a favorite of mine.


Todd Mason said...

Bad news, and worse that it took a while to find out...thanks. "But...but...where are the seven tails?!?" Boy, the Fairman magazines sure knew how to hit those Aliens Want Our Women buttons. Wonder if they did well with the Klan back when.

Ed Gorman said...

Oh, man, Ed Valigursky was a real part of my life from age eleven to seventeen or so. Every once in a while he'd come up with a dorky one but most of his covers conveyed action and story content the way only a few artists ever did, the biggest exception being Ed Emsh. I never get tired of looking at his old Ziff-Davis covers. Thank you Mr. Valigursky for hours of unalloyed pleasure.