Monday, October 12, 2009

10 Worst Baseball Movies Ever

10 Worst Baseball Movies Ever - - Slide 1 of 10

I've seen two of these, Major League and The Babe Ruth Story. I laughed during Major League, and I saw the other one so long ago that I remember almost nothing about it.


Randy Johnson said...

Never seen any of them. Apparently a good move on my part.

Laurie Powers said...

I've only seen For Love of the Game and that was only the second half. As a baseball fan, I was embarrassed that this movie was related to baseball at all. I hope they do a Ten Best now.

Anonymous said...

1. Major League was not that bad.
2. The Babe Ruth Story was appalling.

But very obviously the person who put this together (and you) did not see the truly awesomely awful SAFE AT HOME!, made in 1962 to cash in on the Mantle-Maris home race chase of 1961, with the two of them playing themselves, and badly.

As a Yankee fan I was legally obligated to see it, but you have permission not to bother.

William Frawley co-stars.


Benjie said...

Something about a Baseball movie makes it inherently good. That is, if it really is a baseball movie and not just a movie with a baseball theme or reference. It's not baseball that makes movies bad, it's movies that make baseball bad.

James Reasoner said...

When I was eight years old, I loved THE BABE RUTH STORY. I'm not sure if I've seen it since then, though. The only other one I've seen from this list is SUMMER CATCH, which I didn't think was awful. Hey, it has a scene with Jessica Biel in a tiny bikini. I'm just sayin' . . .

Todd Mason said...

Yes, the swimming-pool scene with Biel can allow one to forgive everything else about the dull SUMMER CATCH. In fact, I suspect any VHS release of this film is permanently scarred in that segment. DVDs might be.

FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME being based on a Michael Shaara novella has had my attention, but I haven't read nor seen either yet.

So, Tony Perkins performance in FEAR STRIKES OUT doesn't rate in this regard? I take it BEER LEAGUE is about softball drunks (lasted about a minute with that one). BAD NEWS BEARS sequels also should be contenders.

Bendix's other (non-Ruth) major baseball outing, KILL THE UMPIRE, was pretty good when I saw it thiry-some years ago.

MysterLynch said...

MAJOR LEAGUE was fun. I don't get anyone saying it was terrible.

Ucker alone made it enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

Major League was only listed as a joke.

Which I was not amused by, because that meant there wasn't room for The Fan.