Saturday, July 18, 2009

Once Again, Texas Leads the Way

Wrong speed limit posting yields ticket in Montgomery County - 7/17/09 - Houston News - "HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A man has proof you can beat a speeding ticket, but it's not easy. Even if the state admits it put up the wrong speed limit sign."

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jj solari said...

I actually watched this horrifically tedious journalistic production number. eventually my head started expanding. and not in the good way. no, it was the blood out the ears way. that guy whose wife got the ticket, that guy that looked like a marshamallow hedgehog?... he had the reasoning process of a cop. which I guess is why he was a cop all his life and why he has the Alfred Hitchcock silhouette that he has today. You drive what the sign says, dude. Period. You don't research the "properness" of the sign. NONE of the signs are "proper." They are ALL potential gateways to prison. So you drive what the sign that is THERE says to drive. I bet that pudgeball was loads of fun when he was "working."
He's gut everyone's number, yup, there's no foolin THAT fella. And I see the newsguys in Texas go to the same Newsguy Recitation School that the newsguys here in L.A. go to: using that rolling-seas cadence and sway and emphatic end-of-sentence finality that involves the entire body rising and falling at the final punctuation, like Victor Borge using body language instead of sound effects. My head's still bleeding, excuse me, I gotta go soak it.