Thursday, July 16, 2009

Croc Update (Texas Leads the Way Edition)

Crocodile skull unearthed at Arlington Archosaur Site in North Arlington - insciences: "ARLINGTON - Paleontologists have made the most important discovery to date at the Arlington Archosaur Site, a prolific fossil site in North Arlington. The disassembled skull of a crocodile with two and a half inch long teeth that lived nearly 100 million years ago has been unearthed.

'We have over 50 bones exposed,' said The University of Texas at Arlington dinosaurs lecturer Derek Main, who heads the project. 'They are truly impressive. The teeth measure 6.5 centimeters, larger than my thumb.'

To date, more dinosaur fossils have been recovered from the Arlington Archosaur Site, where excavation began little more than a year ago, than from any other site in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The site lies within Cretaceous rocks, formed 95 million years ago when Arlington was the beachhead for a giant sea that divided the continent."

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