Monday, April 20, 2009

You Really Need to See the Photo at the Link

A Jamaican wedding followed by a honeymoon of hunting for Louisville couple :
Outdoors : Knoxville News Sentinel
: "Talk about a whirlwind week for Bruce and Rene Thompson.

First you go to Jamaica, which is good. Then you get married, which is even better. Then after you've spent the best part of the week at a snazzy resort you ... hop on a plane and get back to East Tennessee in time for opening day of turkey season."


Anonymous said...

Loved the story.

Can't believe it wasn't in Texas, as it sounds like a Ben Rehder book. But then, the turkey would have bitten her nose off or something.



Gerard Saylor said...

That gal is hot.

Richard R said...

If she killed it, she should have to eat it, feathers and all.