Friday, April 24, 2009

Once Again, Texas Leads the Way

Some Houston banks ban hats, shades as robberies rise | Conroe News | - Houston Chronicle: "Next time you stroll into a bank, you may need to do more than pull out your checkbook. Some Houston area banks are now asking customers entering their lobbies to remove their hoodies, sunglasses, ball caps and even — gasp — cowboy hats.

Law enforcement believes the practice would deter camera-shy robbers, who often use clothing and accessories as disguises.

With the number of robberies now heading toward a 10-year high, locally, more banks are posting signs at entrances and stuffing notices in envelopes that ask customers to doff hats and sunglasses."


Gerard said...

Shouldn't those items already be removed when going indoors?

Dan said...

How about fake beards? Are they still allowed?

Cap'n Bob said...

My credit union has the same sign. The few times I've gone inside I ignored it and no one said anything.

WV: fuglerh. worse than fug-ugly.