Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, Bettie Page!

Dark Forces Book Group: From the cutting room floor: Harron on Bettie Page: "In the spring, 2006, The Austin Chronicle ran two articles--'The Notorious Irving Klaw' (March 10, 2006) and 'Little Underground Worlds' (April 21, 2006)--centered around my interview with The Notorious Bettie Page director, Mary Harron. As often happens with these type of things, pieces of the interview end up on the cutting room floor. In celebration of Bettie Page's 86th birthday, here are some unexpurgated Harron comments about the world's most famous pin up."

Besides the interview snippets, there are photos and videos at the link.


Janet Rudolph said...

Here's a toast to you, Bettie!

Cap'n Bob said...

Hate to tell them, but Bettie won't be around to blow out the candles on her cake.