Thursday, April 30, 2009

And the Edgar Winners Are . . .

Congrats to all, and thanks to Sarah Weinman, who passed these along via Twitter as they were announced.

Here are the Edgar Winners for Works written/produced in 2008.
Robert I. Fish Award: Joe Guglielmelli of Black Orchid Books
Raven Award: Edgar Allan Poe Society and Poe House
Grand Master #1: Sue Grafton
Grand Master #2 James Lee Burke

Best Film Screenplay: In Bruges by Martin McDonagh
Best TV Episode Teleplay: "Pray in the Blood", Wire in the Blood, by Patrick Harbinson
Best Play: The Ballad of Emmett Till by Ifa Bayeza
Best Juvenile: The Postcard by Tony Abbott
Best Young Adult: Paper Towns by John Green
Best Fact Crime: American Lightning by Howard Blum
Best Critical/Biographical: Edgar Allan Poe: An Illustrated Companion by Harry Lee
Best Short Story: "Skinhead Central" by T. Jefferson Parker in the Blue Religion
Best Paperback Original: China Lake by Meg Gardiner
Best First Novel: The Foreigner by Francie Lin
Best Novel: Blue Heaven by C.J. Box


Liz Fielding said...

Congrats to everyone on the list. Sue Grafton is a fav, but there are some new names there to try.

I just loved the film In Bruges - glad to see that picking up yet another screenplay award.

Randy Johnson said...

I'm curious about the criteria for the selections. China Lake by Meg Gardiner won for best paperback original, but I read a 2002 copyright of that title a few years ago.

Todd Mason said...

Still the most ridiculous category. Somebody is goofy for Dick Wolf and WIRE IN THE BLOOD (with CSI MIAMI in to pretend they aren't, perhaps).

Best Television Episode Teleplay
“Streetwise” – Law & Order: SVU, Teleplay by Paul Grellong (Wolf Films/NBC Universal)
“Prayer of the Bone” – Wire in the Blood, Teleplay by Patrick Harbinson (BBC America)
“Signature” – Law & Order: SVU, Teleplay by Judith McCreary (Wolf Films/NBC Universal)
“You May Now Kill the Bride” – CSI: Miami, Teleplay by Barry O’Brien (CBS)
“Burn Card” – Law & Order, Teleplay by Ed Zuckerman and David Wilcox (Wolf Films/NBC Universal)

Todd Mason said...

Spurs, too.

Gerard Saylor said...

I'm late to this post so I suppose no one but you, Bill, will see it anyway. I just read Paper Towns for the high school's book club and thought the book was pretty decent. The first half was quite good. And the mystery plotting and clues were really well done.

But, I gotta agree with one of the high schools kids at the meeting and say the last quarter of the book was a let down.

Unknown said...

By coincidence I looked for this at my local library today. It was checked out. I'll get it the next time, though.

Gerard Saylor said...

It was been really popular among the YA set. Well, not as popular as all that vampire stuff.