Monday, March 23, 2009


Find out your brainsex - Times Online: "Body sex does not necessarily match brain sex so Dr Moir has devised a test to determine the gender of the brain."

You can take the test at the link.


Todd Mason said...

Thank goodness that "brainsex" isn't defined by anything based in reality, such as physical gender, but on what we hope to pretend is more mannish or womanly traits, such as how much we liked to do is thus Very Very Useful for attempting to keep people in line or at least to help them feel more freakish than other, less pseudoscientific measures already do.

Anonymous said...

So I got 11 out of 20.

What do I win?


Thomas Miller said...

How many points do you get for reading the questions, but not going to the trouble of getting pencil and paper and writing down your answers?

Dan said...

I got a perfect 10