Sunday, March 22, 2009

13 Failed Attempts To Start Film Franchises

Inventory: 13 Failed Attempts To Start Film Franchises | Music | A.V. Club

Two Alec Baldwin movies they didn't mention come immediately to mind.


Anonymous said...

What about last week's favorite, Howard the Duck?

Most of those movies - at least the ones I saw (other than Master and Commander) sucked. Wild Wild West made me never want to see another movie ever again.


Fred Blosser said...

DARKER THAN AMBER was intended as the first of a Travis McGee movie series, as I recall. That goes a bit further back than the other entries in the list.

The mirror-image of this list would be the movies that presumably were intended to be modest one-shots that somehow generate sometimes numerous low-budget sequels (Tremors, Final Destination, Children of the Corn, From Dusk Til Dawn ...)

Unknown said...

That would be an even longer list, I'll bet, Fred.

Ivan G Shreve Jr said...

I was surprised to see they left Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins off the list--maybe the fact that there was a 1988 TV pilot afterward was the reason. But I thought the Williams movie had a lot of potential, except that the returns for the debut (and only) feature were a tad underwhelming.

Dick Tracy's problem is that the film is all icing and no cake. And you may not believe this, but I fell asleep during Godzilla--and I was seated underneath one of the theater's speakers.

Interesting to learn, I will say, that Doctor Detroit was kicked around as the first in a series.

Unknown said...

A lot of fans of The Destroyer didn't like REMO WILLIAMS, but I did. And I easily believe you fell asleep during GODZILLA. What a snoozer that one was!

Donna said...

It was good to see so many comments in the AV site about Remo Williams.

If only the studio that optioned the rights now would make a move before that option expires.

News that the movie was going ahead would interest publishers and we'd have some new adventures to read.

Unknown said...

Now that would really be great.

Glen Davis said...

The 1973 Doc Savage movie is another one. That's where Buckaroo Banzai (now a comicbook) stole the whole Buckaroo Banzai versus the World Crime League thing.

Anonymous said...

Fred I got a kick ass poster from Darker Than Amber. There are two versions of it both involving the legendary fight scene. Mine is the smaller of the two with only three action shots and the line about McGee meeting one of his clients. The other version has about 9 pictures.