Friday, January 23, 2009

Tough as Leather

Jochem Steen, who maintains the Sons of Spade site and writes the Noah Milano stories, has published a collection of those stories. Tough as Leather is available here. And here's a description:

NOAH MILANO is a Los Angeles security specialist who's not afraid to get a little action in. And who has more than a few "family" problems. Because, in his case, his family is "the family."You see, he's the estranged son of a mobster and this, as his creator puts it, "creates a big deal of tension and more than a few problems." Fiercely independent, and determined to sever all ties with his past, Noah has to adjust from being a spoiled mobster son to being an independent operator with little money. Fortunately he's learned a great deal about security from his years as his dad's personal bodyguard. Perhaps in penance, he now uses these skills to earn an honest (well, relatively) living.

In this collection all of his short stories are collected in one handy volume, featuring introductions by great PI writers like: Lori B. Armstrong, Les Roberts, Robert J. Randisi, Dave White, Wayne D. Dundee, Mark Coggins, Ace Atkins and Sean Chercover.

Even the introductions sound good.

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Rusty said...

Am I the only one who winces at incomplete sentences like "And who has more than a few "family" problems."? Who shudders at odd locutions like "creates a big deal of tension"? Who recoils at redundancies like "In this collection all of his short stories are collected in one handy volume"? I understand that this is "just" ad copy, but even a half-decent copy editor should be able to avoid these kinds of infelicities. Maybe I'm an overly nitpicky person, but reading this kind of sloppy writing does NOT inspire me to want to read further, even when such a respected name as Bob Randisi is among the listed contributors.