Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lee Goldberg and Dave White, Take Note

The Cult of the Snuggie - TIME: "If you've never heard of the Snuggie, then you haven't been watching cable TV. The two-minute commercial for the 'blanket with sleeves,' which began airing in September, has been playing nonstop--and not just on struggling channels in the wee hours of the morning. Images of Snuggie-clad folks high-fiving one another at an outdoor sporting event (and looking like, as one blogger put it, members of a 'laid-back satanic cult') have appeared during prime time on such cable stalwarts as ESPN, Comedy Central and CNN, becoming so ubiquitous that everyone from Jay Leno to a gazillion people on YouTube is talking about it. Just Google 'Cult of the Snuggie.'"


Benjie said...

One might scoff, but . . . My sister sent my wife one of these for Christmas. Notwithstanding, my son promptly broke the "free" book light that came with it--so the light works but you can't clip it onto your late night reading material.

The Bride has refused to take advantage of the miracle find, opting instead for the heavy blanket from Ukraine that keeps her warm in our drafty house. Me, on the other hand, I have taken full advantage of the Snuggie, and found it just the right thing for cool night reading on the couch. Just don't walk around the house in it, you might trip. And I have yet to test the practicality of using it at the football stadium as advertised.

Anonymous said...

My roommate works at one of our many local Walgreens-they can't keep the Snuggie on the shelf. People are crazy for the thing!

Todd Mason said...

Well, you can't keep a seemingly good idea down. And it breaks up the endless air-pois...I'm mean "-freshening" ads on broadcast television, and even more the "alternative" stiffeners on cable tv. At least the product in question here has some utility, though Benjie has spotted the probelm that will get them a number of lawsuits shortly.