Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gator Update (Basking Rights Edition)

Toe-bit albino gator to be pulled for checkup: "(01-13) 16:49 PST SAN FRANCISCO -- Claude the albino alligator has a swollen toe on his right front foot, and he's about to get the very best of medical care - even without a pay-for-service health plan.

The bright yellow swimming star of the California Academy of Sciences - more popular with the paying public at times than any of the fish in the academy's Steinhart Aquarium - was bitten the other day by Bonnie, his black female companion in the Swamp exhibit. The two often tussle for basking rights to the cozy flat rock in the center of their large and watery tank home."

Hat tip to Angela Crider.

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Todd Mason said...

Bonnie took a cue from the FUGITIVE GIRLS.