Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

I never make resolutions, mainly because I know it's no used. If I made one, I'd just break it then next day.

I'm not much of a party animal, either. I suspect I'll be asleep tonight long before the new year comes sneaking into Alvin on little cat feet. Don't think I'm such a slug, though. I'll probably be up before 6:30 tomorrow morning and out for the morning jog of three or four miles within the hour.

If this is a time for memories of auld lang syne, I can remember the days when I could easily run three miles at an eight-minute pace. Now, it takes me longer. A lot longer. Age slows a fella down against his will Some of you knew that already. The rest of you will find out, eventually.

The year 2009 has been a hectic one for us here in Alvin. Judy's lymphoma, the death of Judy's mom, Angela's wedding, Hurricane Ike. My hope is that 2009 will be a lot calmer for us and for the whole world.

And for all the readers of this blog, no matter where you are, I wish the very best of everything in 2009, health and happiness all around. Thanks for reading the blog and for buying my books. Here's to you.


B. Rehder said...

Bill, happy new year to you and Judy. As for "three miles in eight minutes," well, I'll attribute that to a little champagne earlier in the evening.

Hey, have you been reading Progressive Farmer lately?

August West said...

God Bless you Bill.
Have a great 2009.

David Cranmer said...

All the best to you and your family in the new year.

Anonymous said...

Three miles in eight minutes?

I'd like to see that.


Anyway, Happy New Year party animal, and to Judy.


Unknown said...

Well, I fixed the 8-minute bit. Old and forgetful, too.

Ben, I had a feeling you were the perp who sent the PROGRESSIVE FARMER. Many thanks. I've been reading it regularly. Reminded me of my long-lost youth!

Cap'n Bob said...

I could go three miles in eight minutes if it didn't take me ten minutes to get into the car.

Anonymous said...

1. Go easy
2. Don't be a slave to diet and exercise
3. Try not to save too much money
4. Work harder at winning the lottery

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! Thanks for all the pop culture news.