Tuesday, December 30, 2008

From Richard Helms

I just wanted to drop a note to let everyone know that the (long-delayed) new issue of The Back Alley Webzine will go active on December 31!

This is our All-Canadian issue, featuring authors from the land of Labatts and back bacon. Featured authors include Derringer Award Winner Nick Andreychuk, Art Montague, Claude Lalumiere, Jason S. Ridler, Steve Olley, and Matthew Fries. We'll also have a reprint of a 1914 article from the New York Times reviewing and discussing Frank Norris's first novel, VANDOVER AND THE BRUTE, and Part Four of our serialization of Norris's massive 1901 naturalistic proto-noir work, McTEAGUE.

The Back Alley Webzine ( www.backalleywebzine.com ) is your one-stop shop for hardboiled and noir works by both established and emerging voices in the field. Check out our new All-Canadian issue beginning tomorrow, December 31, and have a terrific New Year!


Todd Mason said...

Apropos of nothing BACK ALLEY, the Blogger blog CLASSIC TELEVISION SHOWBIZ http://classicshowbiz.blogspot.com/ has ferretted out a YouTubed station's black and white archive tape of a HE & SHE episode, broken into three parts, including at least the national ads.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqV98vNhePY&eurl=http://classicshowbiz.blogspot.com/&feature=player_embedded (or hit the hotlink on my name. Rather better than the pilot, though still the notion that Lucy, I mean Paula, is a ditz essentially only when plot-convenient is a bit trying...and the b&w makes Prentiss's makeup look a bit ghoulish in the credits sequence, at least)

Bill Crider said...

This I gotta see. Thanks, Todd.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Oh, boy. I loved that show a million years ago. Will it hold up?

Todd Mason said...

Almost. The incidental bits are better than the main thrust. And Prentiss's voice sounds a bit odd in this episode (accent suppression? further attempt at zaniness?). But the roots of the various better (and some of the worse) MTM Productions comedies are very much on display.

And I hadn't thought of Gainseburgers for years or decades.

Todd Mason said...

Alex McNeil, in his fine catalog TOTAL TELEVISION, has a dull moment in his entry for HE & SHE--he's surprised that despite following THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES and GREEN ACRES on CBS, somehow the audiences for those fine examples of childishness (Yes, GREEN ACRES wasn't quite as dire, since it had about five actors versus one) didn't choose to stick with H&S.

Bill Crider said...

Talk about not getting it!