Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm Saving Up for This

Paris to ‘spread virus’ in Sydney on New Year's Eve > Entertainment > "Most punters would think the news Paris Hilton will be here in Sydney on New Year's Eve to spread a virus is a reference to her famous promiscuity.

But far from it. The celebrity silvertail will instead be getting paid to spread the word on new social networking system Bongo Virus.

The Simple Life star will be in town with her rockstar boyfriend Benji Madden who will be DJing the VIP party to launch the brand.

The party will be live streamed around the world – all you’ll need is $US5 to witness the momentous event live online."


Gerard said...

"Famous promiscuity"? That's an outrageous thing to say. Paris is renown for her intellect, compassion, humor, fashion design and umpteen other reasons. That paper should be ashamed for writing such dreck.

Bill Crider said...

How true!