Friday, October 31, 2008

Why Does Georgia Hate Texans?

Texan jailed after 2 ate from 1 plate | "The old two-for-one buffet trick backfired.

Dan Linscomb, 40, of Texas City, Texas, ate the buffet at the Iron Skillet restaurant in northwest Atlanta on Oct. 21. He admitted, an Atlanta police report said, that his girlfriend “ate a couple bites from his plate.”

When he was charged for two $7 buffet meals, Linscomb refused to pay for one of them. He said that “there were no signs in the restaurant that said someone could not have some food off your plate,” the report said."

Thanks to Jeff Meyerson for the link.


Todd Mason said...

Jimmy Carter v. Lyndon Johnson. Carter v. Bushes. Bob Barr and Cynthia McKinnney v. Ron Paul. Roy Blount, Jr. v. Molly Ivins. Hotlanta v. Austin. It's grudge matches all around.

Ivan G Shreve Jr said...

Hey, we don't go for that Texas-style socialism here in the Peach State.

Anonymous said...

Everyone who believes she only ate "a couple of bites" raise your hands.

Me either.


Cap'n Bob said...

Do what I do, fill your pockets with fried chicken and take it home to the family. A pocket with a baggie taped inside it will add some mashed potatos and gravy, too. Ummmm ummm!