Wednesday, October 29, 2008

MST3K Update

Mystery Science Theater Celebrates 20 Movie-Mocking Years With New DVD Set | The Underwire from "Mystery Science Theater 3000 is 20 years old, and Shout Factory is celebrating the birth of television's favorite cow-town puppet show with a four-DVD set.

The new collection, released Tuesday, includes four fan-favorite episodes, plus essential extras that track the show's rise from local Minnesota TV show to international cult classic."


Todd Mason said...

Pity that CINEMATIC TITANIC and THE FILM CREW/RIFFTRAX haven't managed to live up to the initial effort.

Anonymous said...

20 years? I had not idea. Here is a tale:

I originally ordered the 2007 picture The Film Crew: Wild Women of Wongo. We could not find a catalog record for the Film Crew and sent it over to the West Bend Public Library to have it cataloged for us. But, the notes attached to that DVD were lost and the staff there assumed the item was a donation. Since the selectors at West Bend decided not to add the "donation" they put it in their book sale and some lucky duck bought it and took it home.
Since the staff at West Bend erred, their Director, Michael, offered to buy a replacement. I sent Michael the information for Film Crew but whoever ordered the replacement bought the original 1959 version. Since the original seems so wonderfully awful I just kept it and stuck it on the shelf.

Anonymous said...

My favorite MST3K moment: I was watching the awful Roger Corman "Viking Women and the Sea Serpent" where there's a scene where the Viking women (and one guy stowaway) sail off to find their men.

Eventually (after the seas serpent attack) they wash up on the shore of England (?) and are lying there panting when the English ride up on horseback and one of them says (via the MST3K guys):

"Do you mind if we dance wif yo' dates?"

As an Animal House aficianado it still makes me smile.


Unknown said...

Great moment. But I have fond memories of that movie, having seen it, or parts of it, at a drive-in theater with a girl who shall remain nameless here.