Monday, October 27, 2008

Cheeta Update

Nice photo of the retiree at the link.

Cheeta: Tarzan's pal today | 1 | Photo Showcase | Movies | 2008 Photo Showcase | Entertainment Weekly: "His retirement has been a fairly quiet one. There have been no appearances on Hollywood Squares. No celebrity golf tournaments. No commercials for fiber laxatives. No runs for political office. For the past four decades, Cheeta, the once-venerated chimpanzee sidekick from MGM's classic Tarzan movies of the 1930s and '40s, has enjoyed a sedate, mostly anonymous existence far from the public eye."


Librarian D.O.A. said...

I had no idea the little guy was still around. I wanted him as a pet at my home, of course.

Thanks for all the Tarzan clips this week, nothing like those movies, ever. I watched them all but only really liked Johnny Weissmuller as the "real" Tarzan.

Unknown said...

He's the "real" Tarzan to me, too.

Cap'n Bob said...

Me three, Bill. Maureen O'Sullivan was the real Jane, too, and her early, sexy costume was the best attire on a female that ever got past the censors.

BTW, has anyone noticed that the word verifications are real words or nearly real words lately? Mine for this post is PATIO.

Unknown said...

I got "miste" the other day, and "tasem."