Saturday, October 04, 2008

Who Says the Bush Administration's Economic Policies Aren't Working?

This morning while out for my usual slow (okay, very slow) jaunt through the strees of Alvin, I found $3.25.  The quarter was in one place, and the three bucks in another.  This is quite a haul for me.  Not that I haven't found money before.  I find pennies fairly often (yes, I pick 'em up; can't resist), and now and then I find a nickel or a dime, but finding a quarter is unusual.  Finding folding money, while not unheard of, is a rare event.  So I'm well on the way to making up all those losses in the Market recently.  Only a few hundred thousand dollars left to go.


Anonymous said...

I once found a $5 bill, but pennies are a lot more usual.


Gerard said...

I found a plastic music holder for a marching band musician.