Sunday, September 28, 2008

So How's the New TV Season Doing?

Not so great.


Todd Mason said...

Wow, the umpteenth rehash of the MARRIED...WITH CHILDREN formula of intentionally obnoxious sitcom crashes and burns...stunning. Even working in the industry (albeit working way too much), I wasn't aware that three episodes had run. That's how little they were touting it. Tax write-off?

I will attempt to tame my dislike of all things JJ Abrams long enough to try to give FRINGE a fair shot, but everyone else's reactions seem to suggest that it lives down to my expectations.

I haven't seen the pilot yet, but given the talent involved, there's at least slim hope for CRUSOE, among the other series getting little push.

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

Those numbers are staggering. Only 10 million viewers and they call it a good rating?

Brent McKee said...

Todd it seems like you either love Fringe or you hate it. I love it but that's just me.

Cap'n Bob, ratings have changed a lot over the years. In a lot of cases it's not how many people are watching so much as whether or not the "right" people are watching. Geezers like us (over 49) aren't important, the 18-49 year olds are. But it goes beyond that. Shows are tailored to the lower end of "The Demographic," or 18-29 year old females who earn over a certain amount per year. And let's not even talk about iTunes downloads and people who use their DVRs to watch the shows within a week of when the episode actually aired. Of course none of that would be enough to save "Do Not Disturb" (and hopefully won't be enough to save "Knight Rider").