Monday, September 29, 2008

Kroger. Again

As day 17 without Internet or TV cable gets started, I'm wondering: does anyone have AT&T for those services?  And if you do, how does AT&T stack up against cable?  I'm getting very frustrated.


jjs said...

Welcome to third world america. government runs everything. when bell telephone ran communications at the turn of the century the phones and communication would be up and running within 48 hours if even a nuke hit. get used to this, it's gonna get worse. welcome to europe. welcome to equality. everyone is equally
second rate.

Mike said...

I have Comcast for cable and A T & T for internet, and have rarely had trouble with either. Of course, hurricanes don't hit the Atlanta area. That would require water to fall from the sky, and that no longer happens here.

Mary Ann Melton said...

xmeWe have both ATT wireless and Hughes satellite. While the ATT works quite well when we are travelling, it has not done as well as a primary home system. Plus it is NOT as fast as cable modem. It downloads from the internet fairly fast, but does not upload as fast.

We can't get cable modem or even DSL where we live . . . if it ever becomes available, I will snatch it up in a heartbeat.

Wait patiently - your cablemodem WILL return!

Todd Mason said...

Well, my parents had the Comcast-similar Cox, which they've happily dumped, in favor the "baby Bell" Verizon, which is an improvement in all ways. And, JJ, the point is that Comcast has little to do with the Gummint, except what part it can's just sheer lazy monopoly capitalism, and the phone companies are making inroads where they do better.