Sunday, October 12, 2008

Robert Martin Centennial

Robert Martin Centennial:  With the growing popularity of online, self-published and print-on-demand books, nearly anyone can become an author. Such was not the case in years past when publishing houses selected and produced books that would appeal to a wide segment of the general public.

Tiffin was home to Robert Lee Martin, a prolific writer of detective novels. Published by Dodd, Mead, some of the 22 books became national best sellers. Martin died in 1976, but his murder mysteries have retained their popularity among readers of that genre. Tiffin-Seneca Public Library is to honor the 100th birthday of Robert Lee Martin Oct. 16 with an open house, display and program.

An avid fan, Jim Felton of Tiffin, has done extensive research on Martin and has written a profile of the author for the Spring 2008 edition of the Columbian Alumni newsletter. Born in Chula, Va., Martin grew up in Tiffin with brothers Joseph and Marion and a sister, Shirley. Felton writes their father operated a grocery store on the north end of Tiffin. At Columbian High School, Robert played football, wrote for the Tiffinian and did cartoons and cover art for the student newspaper.


Ed Gorman said...

Bill Pronzini and I have convinced Ramble House to publish what we think is Martin's best novel and an unpublished novel left behind. We still have to finalize it with the family but looks like a done deal.

Unknown said...

Great news! I've read all the books, I think, but I'm looking forward to the unpublished one.

Unknown said...

My mother and I were discussing family history tonight. I never knew about my Great Uncle Robert and am hoping to encourage my father (David Martin - Robert's nephew) to document his recollection.

This conversation all came about over a family piano that we are shipping back to Ohio that orignally belonged to my grandmother and grandfather (Joseph Martin - Robert's brother).

I would love to be kept in the loop regarding my Great Uncle's works and hopeful publishing of his novel and last works.

Cheryl Martin Berry
Marietta, GA
originally from Ohio
email cherylmberry at

Unknown said...

Will try to remember to keep you in the loop. I hope the novel does get published.