Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gator Update (Ike Edition)

How did Gator Country manage to ride out Ike? |
News for Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News
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: "BEAUMONT, Texas – Hurricane Ike drove thousands away from the Gulf Coast last month, but the co-owner of Gator Country Adventure Park & Restaurant, west of Beaumont, was thinking of another threat.

'During these bad times, we don't get to hightail and run,' Gary Saurage says. He and his staff stayed behind, dealing with wind and rain, to keep the park's reptilian residents corralled.

Gator Country is home to Big Al, the largest alligator in captivity in Texas. He's 13 feet long and weighs 1,000 pounds. How did Big Al and his longtime partner, Allie, fare during the storm?"

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