Tuesday, September 09, 2008

These Guys are Almost as Good as Sheriff Rhodes

WEMB.com - AM 1420 WEMB: "UC Sheriff Kent Harris and Deputy Frank Rogers have charged a South Carolina man for transporting 29 cases of 'moonshine' into Unicoi County. Shown on wemb.com in the back of the pickup truck stopped at mile-marker 55, Sheriff Harris displays the `shine which he says was flavored with peach, grape, strawberry and blackberry."


Benjie said...

But can he hook up to the Internet with the blackberry?

Anonymous said...

A couple of sips and it will seem that he is.

Anonymous said...

That's not all. According to the Knoxville News Sentinel website (ww.knoxnews.com) "Guffey told authorities he parked his truck with nearly $3,000 inside it in Flag Pond (a small town in Unicoi County), took a walk and came back to find it full of moonshine.

He said he has been buying whiskey like that in eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina for a decade.

Rusty said...

At first I was perplexed because the article you quoted said the officers were charging the man with bringing the 'shine *into* Unicoi County, presumably from South Carolina. I was wondering why in the world anyone would do that, when everyone knows that Tennessee 'shine is the best there is. But reading the News-Sentinel article I see that the gentleman was in fact buying the stuff in TN to take back with him to SC. 312 quarts, he was gonna have him a heck of a party.