Thursday, July 17, 2008

Space Race Update

Griffin: China Could Beat US in Moon Race | Universe Today: "More bad news for NASA: even their administrator thinks China could beat the US to the Moon. Speaking with the BBC today, Michael Griffin shared his views about the Chinese space aspirations, pointing out that the super-state could, if they wanted to, send a manned mission to the lunar surface within a decade. NASA's return mission to the Moon is planned to launch, at the earliest, in 2020, so this news is bound to knock the wind out of the US space agency's hopes to continue where it left off in 1972…"


Todd Mason said...

And Brazil was, about five years ago, starting to get serious about space...the newly discovered mineral wealth there will probably pull that initiative out of the limbo it seems to have fallen into.

Because there's just something poetic about a China/Brazil space race. Or so Eric Frank Russell and L. Sprague de Camp might've agreed.

Unknown said...

Always good to be reminded of those two.