Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Gwinnett Daily Post | Scattered, smothered, covered and hitched

Superb slideshow at the link!

Gwinnett Daily Post | Scattered, smothered, covered and hitched: "DACULA - As the famous twang of Hank Williams Jr. blasted from an SUV stereo Friday afternoon, about 30 folks socialized, sipped soda and puffed on cigarettes.

No, this wasn't a Fourth of July backyard barbecue. It was the run-up to a wedding.

In a Waffle House parking lot."


Todd Mason said...

That's a hell of a town name.

I've seen a wedding video for a relative that beats this, but I hope this was a Much happier occasion.

Cap'n Bob said...

Waffle House, oh my. You really have to book well in advance to get those coveted IHOP wedding reservations.

Todd Mason said...

Given the lines on Sunday morning, you might be right.

Anonymous said...

Was noted Waffle House fan Ted Hertel there?