Friday, July 18, 2008

Once Again, Texas Leads the Way

Texas approves major new wind power project (AP) | Yahoo! Green: "AUSTIN, Texas - Texas, headquarters of America's oil industry, is about to stake a fortune on wind power.

In what experts say is the biggest investment in the clean and renewable energy in U.S. history, utility officials in the Lone Star State gave preliminary approval Thursday to a $4.9 billion plan to build new transmission lines to carry wind-generated electricity from gusty West Texas to urban areas like Dallas.

'People think about oil wells and football in Texas, but in 10 years they'll look back and say this was a brilliant thing to do,' said Patrick Woodson, vice president of E.On Climate & Renewables North America, which has about 1,200 megawatts of wind projects already in use or on the drawing board in Texas."


Fred Blosser said...

Are they going to go mano a mano with T. Boone Pickens, whose ads touting more more more more natural gas are all over TV?

Cap'n Bob said...

Texas is smart to do this. It's a shame every state doesn't follow suit. (Yes, I know there are already some win farms out there. We need more.)